To Get Ready for this Session:

  • Make sure you have created your flash drive file directory and saved the 21st Century and NCSCOS objectives to the Course Resources folder.
  • Make sure your Technology and Content Areas are entered into your Unit Plan.
  • Make sure your CFQ's (Curriculum Framing Questions: Essential, Unit, and Content Area questions) are entered into your Unit Plan.

Focus for this Session:
  • Look at classroom examples of student project examples and wikis.
  • Look at rubrics.
  • Look at Glogster.
  • Save your WikiSpaces Address on the FCSMediaCenter Page.

Downloading Music for Presentations:

  • Create a folder and name it with your last name.
  • Go to one of the Creative Commons music sites under the Clip Art & Sounds link to the left.
  • Download a song into your folder that you created in the AVMusic folder.
  • Open your song using Media Player.